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North Beach Pet Sitter offers several services to help improve the life of your dog when you can't be there!


    Requirements for Playtime
big and small dogs
Since 1997, we have provided off-leash play groups for our clients at local parks, beaches and woods. These groups consist of
5 to 6 dogs at a time. We guarantee that your dog will be at one of these locations for at least 45 minutes. Our caregivers make sure that your dog gets plenty of exercise in a safe and loving manner. Rain or shine your dog will get a great workout everyday they are scheduled with us.
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Being licensed and bonded allows North Beach Pet Sitter to provide in-home care for your dog while you are away. Our caregivers stay with your pet at your home or, in some cases, your dog can stay at the caregiverís home. We believe that dogs should be in a safe, comfortable and loving environment free from crates and cages. Itís hard enough on your dog when you are away. We want your pet to be in familiar surroundings with a trusted companion.
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Many groomers are only open on one weekend day or have hours of operation that can make it difficult for people with busy schedules to fit into their days. For your convenience, North Beach Pet Sitter will drop-off and/or pickĖup your dog from the groomer, so you can come home to a clean and happy hound!
delivery service
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    Requirements for Playtime
  • Puppies must be on-track to have all their DHLPP, Bortadella and Rabies vaccines in a timely manner
  • Adult dogs must have their DHLPP, Bortadella and Rabies vaccines up to date
  • All dogs must be spayed or neutered by six (6) months of age
  • All dogs must have a current dog license and wear proper identification on their collars
  • All dogs must be in good physical and mental health
  • All dogs must be on a regimen for flea, tick and heartworm control
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Victoria and her team at NBPS are the best. They've been taking care of my girl, Ginger, for almost two years now, starting from when she was about 1 year old, and a real handful. My experience has been overwhelmingly positive, and I give the highest recommendation for their services for these reasons:

1. Reasonable rates mean that I can have Ginger out on doggy adventures 5 days a week while I'm at work. She loves it, and I have a bedfull of sand documenting the daily doggy fun.

2. The exercise, socialization, and behavioral 'checks' provided have helped Ginger mature into a well-mannered, friendly and loving dog - even though her rambunctiousness still runs strong!

3. Victoria and team are always ready to help when travel and emergencies come up. A week before Christmas I got into a bind, and Tessa must have called 5 different walkers trying to help me patch together coverage while I traveled. Similarly, Victoria is always helpful with taking G for an extra-long afternoon if I have a late night at work. I love that G can either board with Victoria, or one of her staff will stay at my place when I travel. I'm pretty sure Ginger has a much better time that when it's just me!

4. When any incidences have come up during play groups, I immediately get a call from Victoria calmly telling me about the situation and what's needed in response. We've had long talks about training techniques, discussing behaviors and noting improvements. They don't happen anymore, either. I trust Victoria fully, and have really appreciated her input and opennes to working with a young, energetic dog who wasn't always perfect. The team is really part of Ginger's extended family.

5. Love the notes, pictures at play and holiday party!

Thanks Victoria & Team!!!!

Jennifer M. San Francisco, CA

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